WolfHacks21 is Chinguacousy Secondary School's third annual hackathon! WolfHacks is a STEM-based event in which driven individuals come together to collaborate and innovate to solve a challenge in friendly competition. WolfHacks allows students to engage with their community, network with other bright minds, and build on skills that are essential for their future endeavours. At WolfHacks, students unite under a common purpose, succeed through mutual support, and excel in innovating ideas.

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Participants must be students in the Peel District School Board from grades 7 to 12. They must be a registered participant of WolfHacks21. 

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Please ensure your product is the best representation of your work at WolfHacks21. Your product can be a presentation slideshow, your CAD, any Github or coding work, or any images/sketches you made. 

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$CAD35,999 in prizes

Hack the North Invitation

Prize for 1st place team:
An automatic acceptance for all four group members to Hack the North, Canada's largest hackathon.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Prize for 1st place group:

All four members receive a Nintendo switch, a nextgen portable video gaming console.

JBL Speakers

Prize for 2nd place team:

All four members receive a JBL portable speaker which utilizes Bluetooth technology to wirelessly play your music wherever you go.

Portable Projector

Prize for 3rd place team:

All four members receive a portable projector so you can bring a large screen, in a small package, wherever you go!

Arduino Mega Kit

Prize for the most technical award:

All four members of the group will receive an Arduino mega kit, which gives you everything you need to create your next amazing hardware project.

Sony Headphones

Prize for the team with the most creative project: All four members receive a pair of sony headphones to wirelessly listen to music on the go.

Echo Dot

Prize for the best beginner hack:

All four members of the group will receive an Echo Dot, which is a smart assistant that can answer basic questions such as tomorrow's weather, and current news and even control supported appliances in your homes, such as smart blinds or thermostats.


Prize for the best hack from grade 7-8 students:

All presenting members of the group will receive a Telescope, to gaze at the stars that humanity might one day visit, perhaps with their proposed technology.

Drawing Tablet

Prize for the team whose project has the best concept: All four members receive a drawing tablet, an effective alternative to a mouse.

Wolfram One and Wolfram Alpha (8)

All winners will receive a one-year subscription to Wolfram One and Wolfram Alpha Pro, which is powerful computational software.

1password software (8)

Prize for all winners: All winners get a 1password family plan membership for a year!

Amazon Gift Card

The Mentors' Choice Prize: All four members of the team receive a $10 Amazon gift card.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Judging Criteria

  • Relevance
    How well has the team identified, addressed, and solved the problem? How well does it relate to the overarching goal and theme (space) of the hackathon?
  • Design Feasibility
    How theoretically sound is the concept? How feasible is it? How well does this solve the problem? How well does the concept function in theory?
  • Innovation
    How unique is the proposed technology? How unconventional and creative are the techniques used to address pertinent issues?
  • Functionality
    How practically sound is the product? How well does it function and address the issue? Does their product show tangible proof of concept? How well does this convey the practical applications of their concept?
  • Presentation
    How well has the group presented their ideas? How well is it articulated? Do all group members show an understanding of their design?
  • Most Technical Award
    What level of technical proficiency does the design display? How advanced are the tools/functions used for the product? How do the technical aspects enhance the concept?

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